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Many Vendors, One Marketplace

Think about the possibility to create an online platform, where many people can create their own store. A page for each person, where anyone can publish their own items and put them on sale, with the advantage to display them also all together and benefit of visibility provided by customers of other shops.

An idea similar to that of a shopping centre, a place where shoppers have each their own space and where customer’s come, because attracted by the many shops and by a wide selection of products, where they can go and get whatever they want, all in the same place. If you want to become a vendor and sell a unique product, you can learn to get the proper documents to make it legal, grow your business and expand into a successful vending operation.

It is absolutely free to be a seller here on TemplateTrip. You need to sign up as a seller on our website. Submit necessary and information and you can be a seller.

This article showcase each step of the upload process TemplateTrip Marketplace. Follow it as you upload your items to ensure that your submissions meet our formatting and technical standards.

1. Title:

The title should accurately describe the item. The title should related to product so that customers finds easy to identify the product.
Things to Remember:

1. Capitalize the first letter of each word. Letters like ‘the’ ‘of’ etc can be in lowercase
[Theme-name] – [Category name] [Key point of product]
Ex: Title: “Vogue Fashion Store – WooCommerce Responsive Theme”.

2. Capitalizing each and every word is not allowed. You can capitalize words like ‘XML’ ‘SEO’ ‘PSD’ etc.

3. In some case follow the industry standard, for words like ‘WordPress’ ‘Jquery’ etc.

4. Don’t use all lowercase words. Ex: “Vogue Fashion Store – WooCommerce Responsive Theme”.

2. Live Preview URL:

Here you need to add the live URL of your product’s demo.

Link to a live preview on your own hosting.For Example:

3. Key Features:

You should mention the key features of the products (why should customer buy your item).
Mention the features which makes your items unique from others.

Has Video Tutorials: Click on check box if you have Video Tutorials.

Has Documentations Tutorials: Click on check box if you have Documentations Tutorials.

Item will be Supported: Click on check box if you Vendor Support for the item.

4. Price:

In this section you have to enter the actual price including the TemplateTrip Marketplace commission.

The price will in US Dollars only. Before entering the price, calculate the commission of the marketplace and then set the price of your item.

5. Category:

Choose a suitable category for your main file/Template which describes product more effectively. Select which file types are included in your download though you can choose multiple categories.Selection of multiple categories are not allowed You can select only single category of any.

6. Tags:

The tags should be in lowercase, separated by commas. They should be relevant to the product and must be spelled correctly according to American standard. Do not use the same tags for every products.

7. Short Description:

The short description must be relevant and should describe about the actual product. It should not exceed 250 words. Entering HTML is not allowed.

8. Description:

Describe the product in brief. The description should be accurate and relevant to the product. You can add plain text description or in HTML. It is one of the important factor for search engine to identify your product so before careful.

9. Attributes:

Please mention the attributes proper for your items.
Browser Compatibility: If the item support all the browsers then “Select All”. If it doesn’t support any browser then select “Select None”. If the browser support specific browsers then please mention the browsers.For example: If it supports Google chrome, Mozilla, Opera, then mention this browser in the box.

Color: Mention the color which your product supports. For example, If its supports all colors then select “Select All’, If it doesn’t supports any color then select “Select None”. If the Product supports any specific color then mention the color in the box.For example: if it support pink, red and green color then mention this colors in the box.

Column: Mention the number of columns, which your product supports. For example, If its supports multiple columns then select “Select All’, If it doesn’t supports any column then select “Select None”. If the Product supports any specific number of column then mention the number in the box.For example: if it support 2 column then mention this in the box.

Layouts: If the layout is responsive then select “Select All” else “Select None”.

Source: Mention the source, If you are providing the item in zip file then mention zip file in the box.

Theme category: There are lots of categories available on the marketplace. So please select the appropriate category of your item.

Theme Platform: Mention the platform which your products supports. If it supports all platform them “Select All”. If its supports specific platform then mention that platform in the box.

Version: Mention the version of your framework in the box.